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Terry's Pizza is as good as I remember it. I use to eat it as a kid. It was cool eating it with my kids and they loved it too.

Kristin O.

I loved this pizza when the restaurant was open on South Parkway and I love the pizza and atmosphere at this new restaurant! Soooooo good and worth the wait.

Stacey K.

Oh Terry's is simply the BEST! No one can compete! It is a little different now, not greasy like it was, which I loved, but I've found, when you put it in the fridge overnight and reheat it the next day, it tastes EXACTLY like the old Terry's.

Steve S.

Just as good as I remember! So happy the new one is so close to home! Whoever had this idea, I thank you! 😍

Jolene D.

I took my first foray to the new Bailey Cove restaurant Monday evening after work. (Fortunately I got off at 4pm, so I got there just before the rush.) I ordered their baked lasagna -- I had been pining for it for years, and now I can finally feed my crave again! And boy oh boy, was it ever GOOD! Lots of mozzarella cheese, delicious zesty sauce, just the right amount of meat... in my opinion, this is BY FAR the best lasagna anywhere in driving range, be it Chattanooga, the Shoals, or even Nashville. If you can resist the urge to go for their familiar pizza, this is a must-try option.

David I.

As always amazing! Will be even better when you can dine in with beer! Love the order and they text when it’s ready for to go orders!

Michelle K.

I just relived my childhood memories at the new Terry's pizza. It was as good as I remembered and completely worth the drive from Limestone County. We ordered the Chef's Special. It was hot and very tasty and the cheese was the gooey cheese I remember as a kid. I am so glad they finally opened. This is the true Terry's that has been missing for the last 11 years.

Suzanne M.

Pizza was great! Brought back memories! Even though they are still just opening, I was completely satisfied!!

Betsy K.

Bailey Cove Terry's Pizza is exactly the way I remember it from the crust to the sausage to the pasta. In fact it might even be a little better. Thanks for bringing back the Huntsville tradition and the excellent food!

Jeff K.

beat pizza ever can not wait for this to open grew up in hobbs island and we went to the one on south park way and so did my childern until it closed,so glad to hear this good news because i now live in TN but still have house boat at Ditto Landing and a new place to eat at......thanks!!!

Penny P.

It was soooo good. As close to what I remember as you can get. The crust was just right. Love Terrry’s pizza! At least 4 stars!!!

Pam A.

We are LONG TIME Terry's customers! For years, our gang met once a week for pizza buffet. The stories we can tell! The new Terry's pizza is even BETTER! Great crew. We do miss the Buffett, salad bar, and PITCHERS of BEER! For some in our crew....the pitcher of beer is top of the list. And that person wanted me to rate a 1....he said "if they only had pitchers....i would really spend the money....LIFE SAVINGS...he said...".

Tammy T.

I've eaten Terry's Pizza my whole life and this is as close to the original Terry's as we are likely to get. It's delicious! The staff is always polite and helpful and quick. Yes, it take's time to make your pizza, but that's because they aren't making cookie-cutter pizzas. This has become a weekly stop for my wife and I (she loves the salad, too) and we look forward to each visit. 5 stars is not enough.

David H.

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